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Roma Pictures Wedding Photography - The Photo Lounge Photobooth

Some call it a backdrop area, portrait station, crazy booth, or photo station but we call it the Photo Lounge and put a slightly different spin on how it works. Most photobooth rentals are just that, a photobooth like you would find in any mall that spits out a tiny little strip of pictures that are virtually useless for anything more than a quick giggle and a trash can. The booths are small fitting 1-2 people and really limit the fun to be had with groups and props.

So what's the solution to this?

Enter a proper Photobooth! A cross between the classic mall photostation and a traditional wedding portrait backdrop area where you get rewarded with instant hard copy prints and the help of a dedicated photographer. This is entertainment! No more confusion on when the picture is going to be taken, or what you do with a miniature 1-1/2" picture but instead you get a professional photographer working with you to produce fun, useful 4x6 pictures for your guests to take home with them. Each complete set of photobooth pictures is also included with your photography package and available for online viewing and printing just like all the rest of the images from your wedding.

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