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Indiana Wedding Photography

Roma Pictures provides wedding photography in Indiana. Our affordable wedding photography packages start as low as $495!

We have a wide range of options and packages, but if you don't see a wedding photography package to fit your needs, let us know and we'll create one for your special wedding day.

Find our wedding photography packages and prices HERE!

Our team of wedding photographers have an eye in capturing the details of your wedding. We capture the moments as they happen to make those lasting memories.

Don't forget to add a Photo Booth to any of our wedding photography packages. We have a variety photobooth types, including a digital selfie booth, open air photo booth, photobooth enclosure, inflatable photobooth, the magic mirror photo booth and our photo lounge photo booth. Any of these photobooths would be an excellent addition to any wedding.

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Advance, Indiana (IN)
Akron, Indiana (IN)
Alamo, Indiana (IN)
Albany, Indiana (IN)
Albion, Indiana (IN)
Alexandria, Indiana (IN)
Ambia, Indiana (IN)
Amboy, Indiana (IN)
Amo, Indiana (IN)
Anderson, Indiana (IN)
Andrews, Indiana (IN)
Angola, Indiana (IN)
Arcadia, Indiana (IN)
Arcola, Indiana (IN)
Argos, Indiana (IN)
Arlington, Indiana (IN)
Ashley, Indiana (IN)
Athens, Indiana (IN)
Atlanta, Indiana (IN)
Attica, Indiana (IN)
Atwood, Indiana (IN)
Auburn, Indiana (IN)
Aurora, Indiana (IN)
Austin, Indiana (IN)
Avilla, Indiana (IN)
Avoca, Indiana (IN)
Avon, Indiana (IN)
Bainbridge, Indiana (IN)
Bargersville, Indiana (IN)
Batesville, Indiana (IN)
Bath, Indiana (IN)
Battle Ground, Indiana (IN)
Bedford, Indiana (IN)
Beech Grove, Indiana (IN)
Bellmore, Indiana (IN)
Bennington, Indiana (IN)
Bentonville, Indiana (IN)
Berne, Indiana (IN)
Beverly Shores, Indiana (IN)
Bicknell, Indiana (IN)
Bippus, Indiana (IN)
Birdseye, Indiana (IN)
Blanford, Indiana (IN)
Bloomfield, Indiana (IN)
Bloomingdale, Indiana (IN)
Bloomington, Indiana (IN)
Bluffton, Indiana (IN)
Boggstown, Indiana (IN)
Boone Grove, Indiana (IN)
Boston, Indiana (IN)
Boswell, Indiana (IN)
Bourbon, Indiana (IN)
Bowling Green, Indiana (IN)
Brazil, Indiana (IN)
Bremen, Indiana (IN)
Bridgeton, Indiana (IN)
Brimfield, Indiana (IN)
Bringhurst, Indiana (IN)
Bristol, Indiana (IN)
Brook, Indiana (IN)
Brooklyn, Indiana (IN)
Brookston, Indiana (IN)
Brookville, Indiana (IN)
Brownsburg, Indiana (IN)
Brownstown, Indiana (IN)
Brownsville, Indiana (IN)
Bruceville, Indiana (IN)
Bryant, Indiana (IN)
Buck Creek, Indiana (IN)
Buckskin, Indiana (IN)
Buffalo, Indiana (IN)
Bunker Hill, Indiana (IN)
Burket, Indiana (IN)
Burlington, Indiana (IN)
Burnettsville, Indiana (IN)
Burrows, Indiana (IN)
Butler, Indiana (IN)
Butlerville, Indiana (IN)
Cambridge City, Indiana (IN)
Camby, Indiana (IN)
Camden, Indiana (IN)
Campbellsburg, Indiana (IN)
Canaan, Indiana (IN)
Cannelburg, Indiana (IN)
Carbon, Indiana (IN)
Carlisle, Indiana (IN)
Carmel, Indiana (IN)
Cartersburg, Indiana (IN)
Carthage, Indiana (IN)
Cayuga, Indiana (IN)
Cedar Grove, Indiana (IN)
Cedar Lake, Indiana (IN)
Celestine, Indiana (IN)
Centerpoint, Indiana (IN)
Centerville, Indiana (IN)
Chalmers, Indiana (IN)
Charlottesville, Indiana (IN)
Chesterton, Indiana (IN)
Churubusco, Indiana (IN)
Cicero, Indiana (IN)
Clarks Hill, Indiana (IN)
Clarksburg, Indiana (IN)
Clay City, Indiana (IN)
Claypool, Indiana (IN)
Clayton, Indiana (IN)
Clear Creek, Indiana (IN)
Clifford, Indiana (IN)
Clinton, Indiana (IN)
Cloverdale, Indiana (IN)
Coal City, Indiana (IN)
Coalmont, Indiana (IN)
Coatesville, Indiana (IN)
Colfax, Indiana (IN)
Columbia City, Indiana (IN)
Columbus, Indiana (IN)
Commiskey, Indiana (IN)
Connersville, Indiana (IN)
Converse, Indiana (IN)
Cortland, Indiana (IN)
Corunna, Indiana (IN)
Cory, Indiana (IN)
Covington, Indiana (IN)
Craigville, Indiana (IN)
Crane, Indiana (IN)
Crawfordsville, Indiana (IN)
Cromwell, Indiana (IN)
Cross Plains, Indiana (IN)
Crothersville, Indiana (IN)
Crown Point, Indiana (IN)
Culver, Indiana (IN)
Cutler, Indiana (IN)
Daleville, Indiana (IN)
Dana, Indiana (IN)
Danville, Indiana (IN)
Darlington, Indiana (IN)
Dayton, Indiana (IN)
Decatur, Indiana (IN)
Decker, Indiana (IN)
Deedsville, Indiana (IN)
Delong, Indiana (IN)
Delphi, Indiana (IN)
Demotte, Indiana (IN)
Denver, Indiana (IN)
Deputy, Indiana (IN)
Dillsboro, Indiana (IN)
Donaldson, Indiana (IN)
Dublin, Indiana (IN)
Dubois, Indiana (IN)
Dugger, Indiana (IN)
Dunkirk, Indiana (IN)
Dunreith, Indiana (IN)
Dupont, Indiana (IN)
Dyer, Indiana (IN)
Earl Park, Indiana (IN)
East Chicago, Indiana (IN)
East Enterprise, Indiana (IN)
Eaton, Indiana (IN)
Eckerty, Indiana (IN)
Economy, Indiana (IN)
Edinburgh, Indiana (IN)
Edwardsport, Indiana (IN)
Elizabethtown, Indiana (IN)
Elkhart, Indiana (IN)
Ellettsville, Indiana (IN)
Elnora, Indiana (IN)
Elwood, Indiana (IN)
Eminence, Indiana (IN)
Etna Green, Indiana (IN)
Fair Oaks, Indiana (IN)
Fairbanks, Indiana (IN)
Fairland, Indiana (IN)
Fairmount, Indiana (IN)
Falmouth, Indiana (IN)
Farmersburg, Indiana (IN)
Farmland, Indiana (IN)
Fillmore, Indiana (IN)
Finly, Indiana (IN)
Fishers, Indiana (IN)
Flat Rock, Indiana (IN)
Flora, Indiana (IN)
Fontanet, Indiana (IN)
Forest, Indiana (IN)
Fort Branch, Indiana (IN)
Fort Ritner, Indiana (IN)
Fort Wayne, Indiana (IN)
Fortville, Indiana (IN)
Fountain City, Indiana (IN)
Fountaintown, Indiana (IN)
Fowler, Indiana (IN)
Fowlerton, Indiana (IN)
Francesville, Indiana (IN)
Francisco, Indiana (IN)
Frankfort, Indiana (IN)
Franklin, Indiana (IN)
Frankton, Indiana (IN)
Fredericksburg, Indiana (IN)
Freedom, Indiana (IN)
Freelandville, Indiana (IN)
Freetown, Indiana (IN)
Fremont, Indiana (IN)
French Lick, Indiana (IN)
Friendship, Indiana (IN)
Fulton, Indiana (IN)
Galveston, Indiana (IN)
Garrett, Indiana (IN)
Gary, Indiana (IN)
Gas City, Indiana (IN)
Gaston, Indiana (IN)
Geneva, Indiana (IN)
Glenwood, Indiana (IN)
Goldsmith, Indiana (IN)
Goodland, Indiana (IN)
Goshen, Indiana (IN)
Gosport, Indiana (IN)
Grabill, Indiana (IN)
Grammer, Indiana (IN)
Granger, Indiana (IN)
Grass Creek, Indiana (IN)
Graysville, Indiana (IN)
Greencastle, Indiana (IN)
Greenfield, Indiana (IN)
Greens Fork, Indiana (IN)
Greensboro, Indiana (IN)
Greensburg, Indiana (IN)
Greentown, Indiana (IN)
Greenwood, Indiana (IN)
Griffith, Indiana (IN)
Grissom Afb, Indiana (IN)
Grovertown, Indiana (IN)
Guilford, Indiana (IN)
Gwynneville, Indiana (IN)
Hagerstown, Indiana (IN)
Hamilton, Indiana (IN)
Hamlet, Indiana (IN)
Hammond, Indiana (IN)
Hanna, Indiana (IN)
Hanover, Indiana (IN)
Hardinsburg, Indiana (IN)
Harlan, Indiana (IN)
Harmony, Indiana (IN)
Harrodsburg, Indiana (IN)
Hartford City, Indiana (IN)
Hartsville, Indiana (IN)
Hayden, Indiana (IN)
Hazleton, Indiana (IN)
Hebron, Indiana (IN)
Helmsburg, Indiana (IN)
Heltonville, Indiana (IN)
Hemlock, Indiana (IN)
Henryville, Indiana (IN)
Highland, Indiana (IN)
Hillisburg, Indiana (IN)
Hillsboro, Indiana (IN)
Hillsdale, Indiana (IN)
Hoagland, Indiana (IN)
Hobart, Indiana (IN)
Hobbs, Indiana (IN)
Holton, Indiana (IN)
Homer, Indiana (IN)
Hope, Indiana (IN)
Howe, Indiana (IN)
Hudson, Indiana (IN)
Huntertown, Indiana (IN)
Huntingburg, Indiana (IN)
Huntington, Indiana (IN)
Huron, Indiana (IN)
Hymera, Indiana (IN)
Idaville, Indiana (IN)
Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
Ingalls, Indiana (IN)
Ireland, Indiana (IN)
Jamestown, Indiana (IN)
Jasonville, Indiana (IN)
Jasper, Indiana (IN)
Jonesboro, Indiana (IN)
Jonesville, Indiana (IN)
Judson, Indiana (IN)
Kempton, Indiana (IN)
Kendallville, Indiana (IN)
Kennard, Indiana (IN)
Kentland, Indiana (IN)
Kewanna, Indiana (IN)
Keystone, Indiana (IN)
Kimmell, Indiana (IN)
Kingman, Indiana (IN)
Kingsbury, Indiana (IN)
Kingsford Heights, Indiana (IN)
Kirklin, Indiana (IN)
Knightstown, Indiana (IN)
Knightsville, Indiana (IN)
Knox, Indiana (IN)
Kokomo, Indiana (IN)
Koleen, Indiana (IN)
Kouts, Indiana (IN)
Kurtz, Indiana (IN)
La Crosse, Indiana (IN)
La Fontaine, Indiana (IN)
La Porte, Indiana (IN)
Ladoga, Indiana (IN)
Lafayette, Indiana (IN)
Lagrange, Indiana (IN)
Lagro, Indiana (IN)
Lake Cicott, Indiana (IN)
Lake Station, Indiana (IN)
Lake Village, Indiana (IN)
Laketon, Indiana (IN)
Lakeville, Indiana (IN)
Laotto, Indiana (IN)
Lapaz, Indiana (IN)
Lapel, Indiana (IN)
Larwill, Indiana (IN)
Laurel, Indiana (IN)
Lawrenceburg, Indiana (IN)
Lebanon, Indiana (IN)
Leesburg, Indiana (IN)
Leiters Ford, Indiana (IN)
Leo, Indiana (IN)
Leroy, Indiana (IN)
Lewis, Indiana (IN)
Lewisville, Indiana (IN)
Lexington, Indiana (IN)
Liberty Center, Indiana (IN)
Liberty Mills, Indiana (IN)
Liberty, Indiana (IN)
Ligonier, Indiana (IN)
Linden, Indiana (IN)
Linn Grove, Indiana (IN)
Linton, Indiana (IN)
Little York, Indiana (IN)
Lizton, Indiana (IN)
Logansport, Indiana (IN)
Loogootee, Indiana (IN)
Losantville, Indiana (IN)
Lowell, Indiana (IN)
Lucerne, Indiana (IN)
Lynn, Indiana (IN)
Lyons, Indiana (IN)
Mackey, Indiana (IN)
Macy, Indiana (IN)
Madison, Indiana (IN)
Manilla, Indiana (IN)
Marengo, Indiana (IN)
Marion, Indiana (IN)
Markle, Indiana (IN)
Markleville, Indiana (IN)
Marshall, Indiana (IN)
Martinsville, Indiana (IN)
Matthews, Indiana (IN)
Maxwell, Indiana (IN)
Mays, Indiana (IN)
Mc Cordsville, Indiana (IN)
Mecca, Indiana (IN)
Medaryville, Indiana (IN)
Medora, Indiana (IN)
Mellott, Indiana (IN)
Mentone, Indiana (IN)
Merom, Indiana (IN)
Merrillville, Indiana (IN)
Metamora, Indiana (IN)
Mexico, Indiana (IN)
Miami, Indiana (IN)
Michigan City, Indiana (IN)
Michigantown, Indiana (IN)
Middlebury, Indiana (IN)
Middletown, Indiana (IN)
Midland, Indiana (IN)
Milan, Indiana (IN)
Milford, Indiana (IN)
Mill Creek, Indiana (IN)
Millersburg, Indiana (IN)
Millhousen, Indiana (IN)
Milroy, Indiana (IN)
Milton, Indiana (IN)
Mishawaka, Indiana (IN)
Mitchell, Indiana (IN)
Modoc, Indiana (IN)
Mongo, Indiana (IN)
Monon, Indiana (IN)
Monroe City, Indiana (IN)
Monroe, Indiana (IN)
Monroeville, Indiana (IN)
Monrovia, Indiana (IN)
Monterey, Indiana (IN)
Montezuma, Indiana (IN)
Montgomery, Indiana (IN)
Monticello, Indiana (IN)
Montmorenci, Indiana (IN)
Montpelier, Indiana (IN)
Mooreland, Indiana (IN)
Moores Hill, Indiana (IN)
Mooresville, Indiana (IN)
Morgantown, Indiana (IN)
Morocco, Indiana (IN)
Morris, Indiana (IN)
Morristown, Indiana (IN)
Mount Ayr, Indiana (IN)
Mount Summit, Indiana (IN)
Mulberry, Indiana (IN)
Muncie, Indiana (IN)
Munster, Indiana (IN)
Napoleon, Indiana (IN)
Nappanee, Indiana (IN)
Nashville, Indiana (IN)
Nebraska, Indiana (IN)
Needham, Indiana (IN)
New Carlisle, Indiana (IN)
New Castle, Indiana (IN)
New Goshen, Indiana (IN)
New Haven, Indiana (IN)
New Lebanon, Indiana (IN)
New Lisbon, Indiana (IN)
New Market, Indiana (IN)
New Palestine, Indiana (IN)
New Paris, Indiana (IN)
New Point, Indiana (IN)
New Richmond, Indiana (IN)
New Ross, Indiana (IN)
New Trenton, Indiana (IN)
New Waverly, Indiana (IN)
Newberry, Indiana (IN)
Newport, Indiana (IN)
Newtown, Indiana (IN)
Nineveh, Indiana (IN)
Noblesville, Indiana (IN)
Norman, Indiana (IN)
North Judson, Indiana (IN)
North Liberty, Indiana (IN)
North Manchester, Indiana (IN)
North Salem, Indiana (IN)
North Vernon, Indiana (IN)
North Webster, Indiana (IN)
Notre Dame, Indiana (IN)
Oakford, Indiana (IN)
Oakland City, Indiana (IN)
Oaktown, Indiana (IN)
Oakville, Indiana (IN)
Odon, Indiana (IN)
Oldenburg, Indiana (IN)
Onward, Indiana (IN)
Oolitic, Indiana (IN)
Ora, Indiana (IN)
Orestes, Indiana (IN)
Orland, Indiana (IN)
Orleans, Indiana (IN)
Osceola, Indiana (IN)
Osgood, Indiana (IN)
Ossian, Indiana (IN)
Otterbein, Indiana (IN)
Otwell, Indiana (IN)
Owensburg, Indiana (IN)
Owensville, Indiana (IN)
Oxford, Indiana (IN)
Paoli, Indiana (IN)
Paragon, Indiana (IN)
Paris Crossing, Indiana (IN)
Parker City, Indiana (IN)
Patoka, Indiana (IN)
Patricksburg, Indiana (IN)
Paxton, Indiana (IN)
Pekin, Indiana (IN)
Pendleton, Indiana (IN)
Pennville, Indiana (IN)
Perrysville, Indiana (IN)
Pershing, Indiana (IN)
Peru, Indiana (IN)
Petersburg, Indiana (IN)
Petroleum, Indiana (IN)
Pierceton, Indiana (IN)
Pierceville, Indiana (IN)
Pimento, Indiana (IN)
Pine Village, Indiana (IN)
Pittsboro, Indiana (IN)
Plainfield, Indiana (IN)
Plainville, Indiana (IN)
Pleasant Lake, Indiana (IN)
Pleasant Mills, Indiana (IN)
Plymouth, Indiana (IN)
Poland, Indiana (IN)
Poneto, Indiana (IN)
Portage, Indiana (IN)
Portland, Indiana (IN)
Prairie Creek, Indiana (IN)
Prairieton, Indiana (IN)
Preble, Indiana (IN)
Princeton, Indiana (IN)
Putnamville, Indiana (IN)
Quincy, Indiana (IN)
Ragsdale, Indiana (IN)
Redkey, Indiana (IN)
Reelsville, Indiana (IN)
Remington, Indiana (IN)
Rensselaer, Indiana (IN)
Reynolds, Indiana (IN)
Richmond, Indiana (IN)
Ridgeville, Indiana (IN)
Riley, Indiana (IN)
Rising Sun, Indiana (IN)
Roachdale, Indiana (IN)
Roann, Indiana (IN)
Roanoke, Indiana (IN)
Rochester, Indiana (IN)
Rockfield, Indiana (IN)
Rockville, Indiana (IN)
Rolling Prairie, Indiana (IN)
Rome City, Indiana (IN)
Romney, Indiana (IN)
Rosedale, Indiana (IN)
Roselawn, Indiana (IN)
Rossville, Indiana (IN)
Royal Center, Indiana (IN)
Rushville, Indiana (IN)
Russellville, Indiana (IN)
Russiaville, Indiana (IN)
Saint Anthony, Indiana (IN)
Saint Bernice, Indiana (IN)
Saint Joe, Indiana (IN)
Saint John, Indiana (IN)
Saint Mary Of The Woods, Indiana (IN)
Saint Paul, Indiana (IN)
Salamonia, Indiana (IN)
Salem, Indiana (IN)
San Pierre, Indiana (IN)
Sandborn, Indiana (IN)
Saratoga, Indiana (IN)
Schererville, Indiana (IN)
Schneider, Indiana (IN)
Schnellville, Indiana (IN)
Scipio, Indiana (IN)
Scotland, Indiana (IN)
Scottsburg, Indiana (IN)
Sedalia, Indiana (IN)
Seelyville, Indiana (IN)
Selma, Indiana (IN)
Servia, Indiana (IN)
Seymour, Indiana (IN)
Sharpsville, Indiana (IN)
Shelburn, Indiana (IN)
Shelby, Indiana (IN)
Shelbyville, Indiana (IN)
Shepardsville, Indiana (IN)
Sheridan, Indiana (IN)
Shipshewana, Indiana (IN)
Shirley, Indiana (IN)
Shoals, Indiana (IN)
Sidney, Indiana (IN)
Silver Lake, Indiana (IN)
Smithville, Indiana (IN)
Solsberry, Indiana (IN)
Somerset, Indiana (IN)
Somerville, Indiana (IN)
South Bend, Indiana (IN)
South Milford, Indiana (IN)
South Whitley, Indiana (IN)
Spencer, Indiana (IN)
Spencerville, Indiana (IN)
Spiceland, Indiana (IN)
Springport, Indiana (IN)
Springville, Indiana (IN)
Spurgeon, Indiana (IN)
Stanford, Indiana (IN)
Star City, Indiana (IN)
State Line, Indiana (IN)
Staunton, Indiana (IN)
Stendal, Indiana (IN)
Stilesville, Indiana (IN)
Stinesville, Indiana (IN)
Stockwell, Indiana (IN)
Straughn, Indiana (IN)
Stroh, Indiana (IN)
Sullivan, Indiana (IN)
Sulphur Springs, Indiana (IN)
Sumava Resorts, Indiana (IN)
Summitville, Indiana (IN)
Sunman, Indiana (IN)
Swayzee, Indiana (IN)
Sweetser, Indiana (IN)
Switz City, Indiana (IN)
Syracuse, Indiana (IN)
Talbot, Indiana (IN)
Taswell, Indiana (IN)
Taylorsville, Indiana (IN)
Tefft, Indiana (IN)
Templeton, Indiana (IN)
Terre Haute, Indiana (IN)
Thayer, Indiana (IN)
Thorntown, Indiana (IN)
Tippecanoe, Indiana (IN)
Tipton, Indiana (IN)
Topeka, Indiana (IN)
Trafalgar, Indiana (IN)
Tunnelton, Indiana (IN)
Twelve Mile, Indiana (IN)
Tyner, Indiana (IN)
Underwood, Indiana (IN)
Union City, Indiana (IN)
Union Mills, Indiana (IN)
Uniondale, Indiana (IN)
Unionville, Indiana (IN)
Universal, Indiana (IN)
Upland, Indiana (IN)
Urbana, Indiana (IN)
Vallonia, Indiana (IN)
Valparaiso, Indiana (IN)
Van Buren, Indiana (IN)
Veedersburg, Indiana (IN)
Velpen, Indiana (IN)
Vernon, Indiana (IN)
Versailles, Indiana (IN)
Vevay, Indiana (IN)
Vincennes, Indiana (IN)
Wabash, Indiana (IN)
Wakarusa, Indiana (IN)
Waldron, Indiana (IN)
Walkerton, Indiana (IN)
Wallace, Indiana (IN)
Walton, Indiana (IN)
Wanatah, Indiana (IN)
Warren, Indiana (IN)
Warsaw, Indiana (IN)
Washington, Indiana (IN)
Waterloo, Indiana (IN)
Waveland, Indiana (IN)
Wawaka, Indiana (IN)
Waynetown, Indiana (IN)
Webster, Indiana (IN)
West Baden Springs, Indiana (IN)
West College Corner, Indiana (IN)
West Harrison, Indiana (IN)
West Lafayette, Indiana (IN)
West Lebanon, Indiana (IN)
West Middleton, Indiana (IN)
West Newton, Indiana (IN)
West Terre Haute, Indiana (IN)
Westfield, Indiana (IN)
Westphalia, Indiana (IN)
Westpoint, Indiana (IN)
Westport, Indiana (IN)
Westville, Indiana (IN)
Wheatfield, Indiana (IN)
Wheatland, Indiana (IN)
Wheeler, Indiana (IN)
Whiteland, Indiana (IN)
Whitestown, Indiana (IN)
Whiting, Indiana (IN)
Wilkinson, Indiana (IN)
Williams, Indiana (IN)
Williamsburg, Indiana (IN)
Williamsport, Indiana (IN)
Winamac, Indiana (IN)
Winchester, Indiana (IN)
Windfall, Indiana (IN)
Wingate, Indiana (IN)
Winona Lake, Indiana (IN)
Winslow, Indiana (IN)
Wolcott, Indiana (IN)
Wolcottville, Indiana (IN)
Wolflake, Indiana (IN)
Woodburn, Indiana (IN)
Worthington, Indiana (IN)
Wyatt, Indiana (IN)
Yeoman, Indiana (IN)
Yoder, Indiana (IN)
Yorktown, Indiana (IN)
Young America, Indiana (IN)
Zanesville, Indiana (IN)
Zionsville, Indiana (IN)

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